NB: Please go through FAQ section where you will get all questions and answers HERE

Before you create a dream consider this:

First dream can be short, i.e can range within 1-2 months
Second dream range between 4-6 months
Third and subsequent dreams range between 6-9 months
If your dream is out of range then consider the above time frames and start afresh.
You can create a dream for a short term (1-2 months) and let it grow for as many months as possible if you do not make a withdrawal.


1. Register to become a member

2. Update your profile (login to your account and click "Profile")

3. Create your dream (ADD DREAM) by describing it AFTER updating your profile, e.g. "Life changing dream".

4. Choose the amount you will donate to make your dream come true; e.g R2 000.00

5. Choose the amount at which you wish your dream to be fulfilled at; e.g R4 000.00

6. The system will calculate the months you will have to wait for your dream to come true; e.g 3-5 months

7. You will be given banking details of the community member to handle those funds. That member will be a member who deposited more money than yours when creating his/her dream to avoid cheating in the community.

8. Choose South African Rand to be given a community member from South Africa. After making a deposit you will mark it as "sent"

9. The recipient, a community member to receive funds will be notified and will have to as well confirm your payment.

10. If the receiving community member does not confirm payment in 5 days you write on dispute and report a problem and your issue will be resolved.

11. If payment is confirmed your money will appear in your dreams member area in units called Kipi and it will accumulate profits until your dream become fulfilled.

12. After you have an active dream in your back-office, then you can begin to use your invite code to invite friends, colleagues, relatives and anyone to the program and Kipi will reward you with commissions for any referral you make, 5 levels deep. You can withdraw 1st level bonuses from friends anytime when they reach R100.00 or above.

Example of dreams

KIPI COMMUNITY (Unique and classic)

No monthly payments,
No need to recruit (optional),
No selling of any products,
No buying of any products,
No manager or owner in handling of funds,
No company or firm to deposit your money to,
No company or firm to receive withdrawal from,
No LAW against Kipi community practices

The community itself handles its funds in a tried and tested method
Minimum to partake is R100.00 and make R2 000.00
Maximum to partake is R100 000.00 and make R2 000 000.00
Earn big bonuses exclusive from profits
Earn while sitting at the couch

Scenario: With ONLY R500.00 you can make R1 500 000.00 in +/- 48 months depending on your strategy in creating your dreams.

KIPI COMMUNITY (Self-governing, self regulating and self reliance)

This is a society, this is a community, this is government, yes government of its own wealth, a government without nepotism, without corruption, without unemployment and without tenderpreneurship.

Kipi is the community of equal opportunities, a community of dreamers, a self driven economic community where everyone has equal chance to do best in his/her own ability and pace. This is the community of financial freedom. You earn what you dream; dream big and earn big

Create - Dream - Live with Kipi




This is a tried and tested method of payment and tried and tested program in over 80 countries in the world. There is no firm, no company, no organization handling funds, the community members handle the funds. There is no law against this practice.

THESE ARE ONLY EXAMPLES, remember after making a donation you will get the exact days for the fulfilment of your dream and you will receive e-mail updates about your profits every Monday and Thursday.

Donate R500 and
get R1 000 after 3-5 months;
or get R5 000 after 9-13 months;
or get R10 000 after 12-16 month

Donate R1 000 and
get R1 000 after 4-6 months;
or get R10 000 after 9-13 months;
or get R15 000 after 11-15 months;
or get R20 000 after 12-16 months

Donate R2 000 and
get R4 000 after 4-6 months;
or get R15 000 after 7 - 10 months;
or get R25 000 after 9-13 months;
or get R40 000 after 12-16 months

Donate R5 000 and
get R10 000 after 4-6 months;
or get R20 000 after 6-9 months;
or get R30 000 after 9-13 months;
or get R100 000 after 12-16 months

Donate R10 000 and
get R20 000 after 4-6 months;
or get R40 000 after 6-9 months;
or get R200 000 after 12-16 months

Minimum to donate is R100 and maximum is R100 000.00

Despite the income you can make from donated money, there are bonuses from referring friends to this community:
Level 1 - bring you 7% of the portion that they have allocated for the realization of their dreams.
Level 2 - 3%
Level 3 - 1%
Level 4 - 0.5%
Level 5 - 0.5%.
You can withdraw a bonus anytime after reaching R100.00